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Cleaning by water under high pressure

Waterjetting - up to 2500 bar (250 MPa) ultra-high pressure water jetting (cleaning)

Over the world exist opinion that the best method of cleaning is abrasive blasting. Everyone knows principles, advantages and disadvantages of this technology. We have the pleasure to present you advantages of cleaning by water under ultra-high pressure. Additionally we inform you that on the North-west Poland area our company is only one which has equipment to make cleaning by water under pressure 2500 bar (250 MPa).

Advantages of the ultra-high pressure water cleaning:
  • don't cause a dust-covering of cleaned surfaces and environment (elimination of airborne contaminants),
  • leading of a few works at the same time is allowed,
  • amount of industrial wastes is decreased and air pollution is eliminated (elimination of costly clean-up and disposal of sandblasting material and abrasives),
  • increase cleaning capacity due to reduced working time,
  • elimination of metal surface degradation. UHP effectively removes rust and other corrosion products from metal surfaces with minimal disturbance of microstructural features, eliminating embedded deposits and salts on the metal surface,
  • safety for explosive danger areas (no "sparks"),
  • selective coating layer removal possible,

Examples of the hydroblasting applications:
  • cleaning of steel construction (up to ISO Sa2 standard),
  • cleaning of industrial installations from heavy technological sediments,
  • removal of concrete from the reinforcement concrete constructions to make reinforcement clean,
  • water cutting of concrete constructions.
ISO 9001/14001



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